Ross Dolan - Vocals, Bass
Robert "Bob" Vigna - Guitar
Bill Taylor - Guitar
Steve Shalaty - Drums


1991 Dawn of Possession

1.Into Everlasting Fire05:15
2.Despondent Souls04:15
3.Dawn of Possession03:07
4.Those Left Behind05:14
5.Internal Decadence03:04
6.No Forgiveness (Without Bloodshed)04:12
7.Burial Ground03:42
8.After My Prayers05:55
9.Fall in Disease03:52

1996 Here in After

1.Nailed to Gold03:54
2.Burn with Jesus04:01
3.Here in After04:55
4.I Feel Nothing04:42
5.Away from God04:45
6.Towards Earth04:48
7.Under the Supreme04:23
8.Christ's Cage05:52

1999 Failures for Gods

1.Once Ordained05:22
2.No Jesus, No Beast04:43
3.Failures for Gods06:25
5.God Made Filth03:58
6.Stench of High Heaven04:24
7.Your Angel Died05:26
8.The Devil I Know05:24

2000 Close to a World Below

1.Higher Coward05:00
2.Father, You're Not a Father05:02
3.Furthest from the Truth04:26
4.Fall from a High Place04:37
5.Unpardonable Sin04:34
6.Lost Passion05:40
7.Put My Hand in the Fire04:12
8.Close to a World Below08:30

2002 Unholy Cult
1.Of Martyrs and Men05:25
2.Sinful Nature03:16
3.Unholy Cult08:02
4.Wolf Among the Flock03:49
5.Reluctant Messiah04:58
6.A Kingdom Divided04:16
7.Rival the Eminent05:35
8.Bring Them Down06:06

2005 Harnessing Ruin

1.Swarm of Terror03:19
2.Our Savior Sleeps03:41
3.Challenge the Storm04:01
4.Harnessing Ruin04:36
5.Dead to Me05:46
6.Son of Iniquity06:12
7.My Own Enemy06:52
8.Crown the Liar04:58
9.At Mourning's Twilight05:13

2007 EP Hope and Horror

1.Den of Thieves03:20
2.The Condemned05:04
3.The Struggle of Hope and Horror (Instrumental)07:21

2007 Shadows in the Light

1.Hate's Plague02:50

2.Passion Kill03:41
3.World Agony03:56
5.The Weight of Devotion04:21
6.Breathing the Dark04:00
7.Deliverer of Evil03:45
8.Shadows in the Light03:44
9.Lying with Demons04:33
10.Whispering Death06:04

2010 Majesty and Decay

2.The Purge03:18
3.A Token of Malice02:41
4.Majesty and Decay04:29
5.Divine Code03:38
6.In Human Form04:04
7.A Glorious Epoch04:37
9.A Thunderous Consequence03:58
10.The Rapture of Ghosts05:19
11.Power and Shame03:44
12.The Comfort of Cowards05:52

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